road closed
24. International ADAC „Glasbachrennen“ in Bad Liebenstein/Steinbach - Closed roads and Parking situations – From Tuesday (June 5th 2018, starting 12am) until Wednesday (June 13th 2018, ending 12 am) the road between Steinbach and the „Glasbachstein“ (L1027) (race track) will be fully closed due to construction of he race track. The detour takes place via Ruhla – L1027 – parking facility „Schillerbuche“ – L1127 – Brotterode – Trusetal – L1126 – Bad Liebenstein - Barchfelder Straße – L1027 and vice versa or rather via Eisenach – B19 – Gumpelstadt – Schweina – Bad Liebenstein and vice versa. On June 9th 2018 (Saturday) and June 10th 2018 (Sunday) there will be a blocking of the area „Rennsteig“ between the turn-off to Brotterode and the „Glasbachstein“ (towards Ruhla). This street is therefore not available for driving from 7am until 8pm at these two days. The traffic will be redirected  via Eisenach – B19 – Gumpelstadt – Bad Liebenstein or via Wutha-Farnroda – Merchterstädt – Tabarz – Brotterode – Bad Liebenstein. From Friday, June 8th 2018 (5pm) until Sunday, June 10th 2018 (8pm) the L1027 will be closed. The detour will happen via Thal – B88 –   Schwarzhausen – Tabarz – L1126 – Brotterode – Trusetal – Bad Liebenstein – Barchfelder Straße – L1027 or via Eisenach – B19 – Gumpelstadt – Bad Liebenstein. There will be parking space from the ski jumping hill in Ruhla to the „Glasbachstein“ (L2119) and from the parking facility „Schillerbuche“ to the „Ruhlaer Skihütte“ while the racing takes place on Saturday and Sunday. Please only use the right side of these two streets. The two locations „Ruhlaer Skihütte“ and „Rennsteighof“ (L1027) can only be attended via Brotterode. There is also going to be a parking space on the right side of the road from „Dreiherrenstein“ to the parking facility „Schillerbuche“ (located near Brotterode). „Dreiherrenstein“ and „Krätzersrasen“ can only be attended via Brotterode. Because of the paddock, Steinbach will be closed for public traffic  from Wednesday, 12am until Sunday, 8pm. There will also be no public transport at the race weekend towards Steinbach. Please always watch out for road signs and always listen tot he instructions given by the stewards. To reach the starting point of the race track, there will be shuttle busses available. These can be used from every parking location established by the event organizers. Shuttle busses can be used from the start to the finsh (and vice versa) after every group has been finished. Please always use the spaces designated as parking facilities located in Bad Liebenstein, at the „Dreiherrenstein“, „Ruhlaer Skihütte“ and at the road from the „Glasbachstein“ to Ruhla.