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Anniversary event canceled again! 25th International ADAC Glasbach Race postponed to 2022! Last Wednesday evening, the board members of Rennsportgemeinschaft Altensteiner Oberland e.V. met online for a joint board meeting. The focus here was on weighing up the circumstances and the risks involved in this year's international Glasbach race within the framework of the FIA European Hill Climb Championship as well as the German, Luxembourg and Austrian championships. The 25th International Glasbach Race could not be held last year due to the Covid19 pandemic. Since then, the board members around the association's chairman, Thomas Weih, have been looking for a solution as to what an implementation can look like under the current conditions. All possibilities for through-financing were considered, be it a race with or without spectators, even a race without an international rating. In the end, in any case, a race with an extensive hygienic concept, restrictions and ultimately unforeseeable risks when taking into account the expenses and possible income. Since the implementation of the event is primarily associated with the use of financial association funds in a not inconsiderable amount and attempts to close the gap in coverage with the help of the ADAC as the umbrella organization did not lead to success, the board of the RSG Altensteiner Oberland eV has reluctantly decided postpone the 25th International Glasbach Race to next year. "After weighing up the economic, sporting and health factors, this decision is inevitable," said club chairman Thomas Weih. The association is concerned about the ongoing fixed costs for maintaining the hill climb track and its infrastructure. A second year in a row without the opportunity to generate income may result in the sale of the club's own equipment, which is absolutely necessary for the execution of future mountain races. In order to avoid this, the club will again contact its responsible umbrella organization, the ADAC Hessen Thuringia, and try to overcome this difficult time with possibly other activities. The board of directors of the racing community would like to expressly thank the club members and supporters remaining loyal to the club despite no motorsport event is taking place.