Racemap 1 In the last two years the road L1027 from Bad Liebenstein to “Glasbach Stein” was resurfaced by the state of Thuringia in a new conservation measure. By RSG Altensteiner Oberland additional 7.5 km double guardrail was installed (3750 guidelines) as a security measure together with the company from Olbernhau Peetz. A route safety system was developed further by the club member Thomas Malsch and to be able to operate this 35 km fixed cable have been installed at the racetrack.
Rennstrecke Zuschauerpunkt Weg zum Zuschauerpunkt Übergang Thus, the permanent availability of the timing and the sound guarantees and prepare a possible video transmission. In addition to the acquisition of 120 meters Formula 1 concrete barrier 180 meters mobile guardrail systems were converted to give during the hill climb event the highest possible security. In order to ensure access for spectators at the track about 2 miles new ways were created. Through these measures, our mountain track has become to the longest mountain racetrack in Germany and Europe's safest and most modern. Besides a new place right in the starting area, the line was cut free as part of road safety. In addition, a start container was developed as race control and in the local situation in Steinbach asphalted around 1000 sqm parking areas. In addition to the new installation of approximately 300 square meters of natural stone paving in the village crossing Steinbach  for the driver a large enough shower facilities and necessary sanitary facilities was created.   The former "Volksbank" - building was renovated and is used during the hill climb event as organizational office. In Bad Liebenstein for the use of a grassy area for parking, an existing bridge reinforced static and can now be used by motor vehicles.       Track data at a glance:   Length: 5,500 meters Elevation gain:  260 meters Number of corners: 35 Track width: 6 meters Viewers transitions: 4 Media Points: 10 Spectator capacity:  30.000 Runs: 2 per day Participants capacity: 230